CMDR Rules March 30, 2012 Revision

Track Rules will take precedence over these rule if there is a conflict.

Tech Inspection

Antifreeze shall not be used in any car that is not a street driven vehicle is mandated by the track

A current drivers license is required for all racers.

No Motorcycles Allowed

No electronics allowed (I.E. delay boxes, throttle stops)

Transbrakes, 2 steps, air and electric shifters permitted.

All other rules to follow the tracks tech inspection rules for safety.

Car Breakage

Substitutions of a race car can only be done before 2nd round of the qualifying and must pass tech inspection and make a qualifying run.


Any races that have been called back for a rerun ; you must line up in the same lanes and have the same dial-ins on the car as the original race.

Rules of Driver Behavior

All racers shall conduct themselves in a behavior and manor that is respectful and professional at all Central Mass Drag Racers Club events.


All members are required to live in the boundaries of the club map of central Massachusetts. The only exception to this will be for the members allowed in the 2011 and 2012 seasons by current 2010 and 2011 members before the March dead line. Each current member was allowed one new member outside of the boundaries to join the club as was voted on at the February 2011 and January 2012 meetings.

All renewals are due by March 31 as was voted and passed by the membership at the February 2012 meeting. If the renewal is not received by March 31 this member will be considered not current and cannot race in the following season. Special cases will be reviewed by the board in confidentiality for hardship cases.

All new members must be sponsored by a current paid club member and it is the responsibility of the sponsor for the new member to know the rules of the club.

Gamblers/Invitational Races

Are open to all racers at the track that are sponsored or invited by a current club member. These racers must follow the rules of the club during the races. Pay out of the race and entry fees may vary on any race.

Payouts For Points Races

Payouts for the 2012 races will be $10.00 per round starting at the 3rd round

Runner Up additional $75.00

Winner additional $150.00

Sponsor payouts will be paid according to the sponsor’s own rules and may change at anytime.


Point to be awarded to losing rounds. In the case of a rain out all points are awarded to the last full completed round of racing. ( Insert Swede’s points here)

Race Procedures

All drivers Must attend the drivers meeting which will be held after the final qualifying session.

We ask that all drivers when called to the lanes get to the lanes as fast as they can as the track is on a schedule. With that being said, if you choose to run more than one class that day, you need to make the call for your classes. Failure to make the call will result in a default on your round.

Once entered into the staging lanes, switching lanes will not be allowed unless told to do so by a Track Official. If you know you have a Bye Run you are to stay at lower staging until you are told to enter the staging lane. If there is an even number amount of cars in that round, then the driver with the Bye Run will have lane choice over his opponent.

First round laddering positions will be based on your best reaction time during time trials. Example based on a 16 car field: #1 vs. #16; #2 vs. #15; #3 vs. #14; #4 vs. #13; #5 vs. #12; #6 vs. #11; #7 vs. #10; #8 vs. #9. The higher qualifier(lower reaction time) will get lane choice. If there is an odd number of cars, the number one qualifier will receive the bye run. Racers pairing will be announced at the drivers meeting. Racers are to enter the tech area to be paired by track officials. DO NOT GO INTO STAGING UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN PAIRED. Except for first round, lane choice will be done by agreement or coin flip.

CMDR Committee Members

Executive Board

Ryan Hadley-President/Board Chair
Craig Rice-Vice President
Dan Harris-Treasurer
Steve Campanale-Secretary

Event Committee

Ryan Hadley Craig Rice Dan Harris Steve Campanale
Jim Bombard Rich Cosenza Mike Dubuque Tod Groccia
Brian Krikorian Bob Akerman Steve Bonczyk Charlie Rice

Steering Committee

Ryan Hadley Craig Rice Dan Harris Steve Campanale
Brian Krikorian Bob Akerman Jim Bombard Charlie Rice John Recore Steve Gregoire Mel Erickson

Rules Committee

Ryan Hadley Craig Rice Dan Harris Steve Campanale
Brian Krikorian Bob Ackerman Mel Erickson Mike Dubuque Lionel Gendron Dave French John Recore