View Full Version : Bigdog's almost back in action!!

Jan Richardson
06-11-2014, 10:41 PM
Hello all. You would have seen me sooner but I've been waiting for 2 Rocker arms and a intake stand from T&D. There incompetance was overwelming, and frustrating. So far they've sent me 3 wrong ones. Well since they are located in Nevada, I'm at their mercy. But the manager has finally resolved the issues and has sent the correct parts on Monday the 9th of June. I'm eagerly awaiting the parts. The damage was minimal. I know I need to watch the valvetrain more closely for bolts loosening up and valve adjustments. I don't have to think about Vinnie and his Nitrous assisted All Aluminum 632 in his '70 Duster anymore. I heard he went to NED Test&tune and did a no nos run of 8.70, then hit the motor with a 200 shot of juice to 8.40. The guys that were there told him to shut his mouth, don't think about running that wagon and above all erase that Top Sportsman sign off your window or get a beat down. WOW I guess they told him off. Anyway Craig I hope to see y'all shortly to get back racing. I won't make it on the 14th but I'm sure I'll be there the 28th and our next race on the 12th ( sorry no 11th). See everyone later. Bigdog out!!;)