View Full Version : Exhaust tether and Diaper rule clarification from Ron Heath at NED

Craig Rice
01-31-2014, 08:39 AM
After talking with Ron Heath this morning about these rules this is what he told me about each rule.

Exhaust Tether Rule:
All removable multi piece exhaust collectors/stacks must be securely fastened with either an NHRA-accepted header tether or a minimum (half-inch) stitch weld located on each primary tube to prevent loss of collector/stacks during competition.

After much discussion on the topic, it has been decided that on cars with a complete exhaust system (including but not limited to mufflers, hangers, flanges, etc.) that are securely attached to the vehicle, header tethers will not be required. All other exhaust systems must conform to the rule as written. The current 2014 rule book will be amended to reflect this change.

And the Diaper Rule:
For the Diaper Rule, that is an NED rule that will apply to ET Points racers being the main target. If you only race a few times a year at NED you will be reminded of the rule and that its for your own safety. At this time I see it being very difficult to disqualify anybody for not having it.
2015 will go one way or the other as far as enforcement is considered. If NHRA adopts the 10.99 rule then it would be strictly enforced

So it looks like because none of us really race NED every weekend that we DO NOT have to put diapers on cars that are 10.99 and faster.